Vidigation offers a wide range of legal services that will both complement and enhance the services of its court reporting and law firm clients. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Video Production – Produce all the major video formats used in the legal industry (mpeg-1, mpeg-2, synching transcript with video, etc.)
  • Post-Production – Pulling video clips for trial, adding exhibits to video, etc.
  • Trial Preparation – Organizing exhibits, documents, videos, etc. for trial

As a court reporter, Vidigation allows you to have your own legal video department. Our professional team will handle everything from recording your depositions, producing and delivering your clients requests with your firm name and logo, and answering any questions you might have from the conference room to the courtroom. Here are the ways we service our court reporting clients:

  • Professional legal videographers representing your firm
  • Latest technology being utilized in the legal profession
  • Produce a professional product with YOUR firm name
  • Answer any technical video questions your client may have
  • Work with your client from the beginning of a case to the courtroom
  • Enable you to rest assured your firm will be represented the way you want them represented

As an attorney, Vidigation provides you the upper edge during mediation and trial. Vidigation can synch videos to transcript, pull video excerpts from multiple witnesses, and import all your exhibits, documents, video clips, etc. into a trial presentation software. Vidigation enables you to present powerful evidence during arbitrations, mediations, and in courtroom settings. Here are ways we service attorneys:

  • Sync transcripts to video
  • Edit clips for trial presentation
  • Import all videotaped depositions effortlessly into trial presentation software
  • Help you prepare your case from depositions to courtroom
  • Leave the technical side to the experts at Vidigation